Left to Right: Dr Sunil S.Adav, Li Xin(iRox), Arnab Datta, Meng Wei, Zhu Yi (Judy),Tiannan Guo, Dr Newman Sze,Bama Dutta, Dr Anita Ravindran, Jingru Qian, Dr Ren Yan, Piliang Hao.



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NTU embarks on landmark study to develop a blood test kit which predicts risk of heart-attack and stroke

NTU researchers are working on a blood test kit that can predict the chance of a person having a heart attack in the future. The team have embarked on identifying proteins called biomarkers that can be used to pinpoint people at risk of cardiovascular disease. Done in partnership between NTU and the National University Hospital (NUH), lead scientist Professor Newman Sze said they hope the kit would produce more accurate readings, compared with the current tests based on weight, blood pressure and cholesterol level.

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